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Why Design With SawMill Designs, Geelong Home Designer

Just like custom homes are unique, building designers can be vastly different from one another. Deciding who will help you navigate your custom home journey is a weighty decision, but SawMill Designs in Geelong are here to explain our experience and why we might be a great fit for you. Contact us to discuss building your dream home.

17 Years of Experience

SawMill Designs founder, Sam, has over 17 years of experience in the industry as both a designer and as a builder. Working across Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula, Sam has built and designed custom concepts for renovations as well as new-build projects. Despite his initial start as a carpenter, Sam’s sole focus is now designed beautiful custom homes across the region.

Comprehensive Construction Knowledge

Sam’s practical, hands-on building experience allows a deeper understanding into how building designs translate in the real world. A home has to look beautiful, and it has to meet your functional needs as a homeowner. Sam will be with you throughout the building process to ensure your initial design concept is kept front and centre and your vision is captured.

A Focus on Relationships

No matter what your previous building experience is, the process can be an overwhelming one. In this time, it’s important to have a building designer you can rely on. SawMill Design’s ethos is one of collaboration and trust. Sam fosters meaningful relationships with each client, and believes this is a key component in creating unique custom designed homes that balance lifestyle and budget.

A Design that Suits Your Needs

Our initial meeting is the first step in determining your family and lifestyle needs for your new home. You’ll begin to consider design aspects you’re drawn to, and how your custom home will serve you into the future. SawMill Designs works to ensure these two ideas are held together and that your new home is functional where it matters, and beautiful everywhere else.

Local Knowledge

Whether you’re new to the region or a long-time local, having a building designer with background knowledge of the area comes with several benefits. Sam has worked extensively to develop trade relationships and understand the unique needs of homeowners in the Geelong region. Each suburb or locale has its own blend of history and a different personality; having a building designer with contextual knowledge of this is invaluable when creating your custom home.

To discuss custom designed homes, or get to know SawMill Designs and how we can assist you, contact us online or call us on 0408 388 385.


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