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The Role of a Draftsman in Custom Home Design with SawMill Designs

A building designer is a crucial yet often overlooked player in the creation of custom designed homes. SawMill Designs, a respected building designer in Geelong, sheds light on the practical role of a draftsman in Geelong custom home design.

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Where it Begins

Understanding the journey from concept to creation, a building designer can offer unrivalled experience when it comes to designing dream custom homes. The initial drafting of your design lays the foundation for your new custom home and we work to ensure precision and expert craftsmanship.

Client Collaboration

SawMill Designs' custom designed homes epitomises the collaborative relationship between building designer and homeowner. Our trusted draftsman in Geelong plays a pivotal role in translating your initial ideas and discussions into detailed sketches and plans, ensuring an accurate representation of your dream design.

Final Design and Planning

We work closely with you to finalise your concept and produce a design you’ll love. If your project needs council approval or permits, our experienced building designer in Geelong will prepare this documentation and assist in submitting your final plans.

Council Approval

Obtaining a council approval or building permit is an essential yet challenging step in the design and construction process. Our draftsman in Geelong supports you by aiding in document preparation, facilitating communication with council departments and overseeing the final submission of plans.

Site Visits and Assistance

With our commitment to ensuring a seamless building process, SawMill Designs extends our support to every phase of your build. A key aspect of our service involves comprehensive site visits, where we engage closely with your project's builder and trades. This assistance enables us to address any site specific challenges you may be facing, and ensure our initial design is being adhered to.

End Goal

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our clients not only envision their dream custom home design but witness it come to life. Our commitment extends beyond the completion of the project; we aim for our clients to feel a profound sense of satisfaction and joy as they step into their newly crafted custom home.

Learn About the Importance of a Draftsman When Designing a Custom Home

At SawMill Designs, the draftsman’s role extends beyond lines on paper. We aim to safeguard your design's integrity, ensuring every detail is translated into a thoughtful custom designed home for you and your family. If you’re ready to start designing your custom home in Geelong, contact SawMill Designs online or call us on 0408 388 385.


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