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Our Services

SawMill Designs is a building design business offering drafting services and custom design of residential and commercial buildings. 

Needing house plans or renovation designs, SawMill Designs is here to help. From large-scale home renovations to new home builds, SawMill Designs will work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, and to create functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that meet your specific requirements.

custom designed homes

Similar to an architect, one of the primary responsibilities of SawMill Designs is to develop design concepts and plans for building projects. With our specialised knowledge and experience, our building designers can help clients create the custom designed home of their dreams. 


A common question we get asked is 'what is the difference between an architect, draftsman and building designer'?
A quick and easy way of explaining this is a building designer offers design and documentation services. Generally, architects design and draftsmen provide the documentation. SawMill Designs combines both the architecture and drafting services and can be your one-stop-shop when you’ve decided to build or renovate.

Another great benefit in choosing SawMill Designs, is throughout the design process, external consultants such as energy raters, engineers and soil testers etc are required to assist with the documentation of your house plans. We have built excellent relationships with these local and reliable professionals and take care of these steps- so you don’t have to.

SawMill Designs can also recommend trusted and expert local builders if you require advice on this, or we can work with your chosen builder.


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