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Our Process

We're so excited you're considering working with SawMill Designs.

You're in for a wonderful ride, but rest assured, we are here to walk you through the custom home design process.

Here's a little overview of what to expect...

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 Get In Touch 

Give us a call, send an email or click here for us to hear all about your exciting

 renovation or new build.

Architectural Plans

Let's Get Started!

This is where the fun begins! If you accept the quote, we are good to get started and commence the design process.

Renovation Equipment

Planning Stage

If your project needs to go through Council Planning, we will prepare documentation and submit for approval.

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Final Drawings

At this stage, the set of drawings will be so clear and detailed that your builders and other trades will have a great understanding of exactly what is needed to complete your project.

custom home designs

Let's Meet

This no-obligation meeting is an opportunity for us to explain how SawMill Designs can assist you and for us to learn about your reno or new build.

custom home designs

Concept Stage

We will produce hand-drawn concepts of your custom home design, so you can see your dream come to life!

custom home designs

Tender Stage

If you require, we can produce a set of drawings so your chosen builder or interior designer can quote off.

custom home designs

Site Visits

We can provide assistance throughout the building process for your peace of mind, ensuring the initial custom home design concept is kept and you are happy with the end result.


We will then provide you with a quote for your custom home design, providing a breakdown of the details, making it clear and easy to understand.

custom home designs

Finalise Design

After much collaborating and communication, a concept will be created that you're thrilled about and a final design will be produced.

custom home designs

Working Drawings

We continue working on the documentation so your designs can be submitted to council, obtaining a Building Permit.



Our end goal is to make sure our clients feel their dream design has been captured and brought to life, creating a new space for them to enjoy.

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