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The SawMill Designs Process Explained, Geelong Draftsman

Having a trusted custom building designer in your corner can go a long way in ensuring your building design process runs smoothly and efficiently. In this blog, SawMill Designs explains what you can expect when you choose our drafting services in Geelong, from our first meeting through to project completion.

Phase 1: Contact, Meeting, Quote

As a custom building designer, our focus is on you and your new home, and this starts with you getting in touch. Hearing your plans and beginning to understand the direction you’d like to go in is what we love. Our process begins with an initial meeting. We’ll get to know each other; you’ll learn how we work and what the next steps might be. You’ll leave this meeting feeling confident in our work, feeling heard and, most of all, excited to embark on this together. After this, we’ll be able to provide you with a comprehensive project quote, outlining the details of your new home.

Phase 2: Design, Concept, Finalise

Upon your acceptance of the quote, we’ll get started on the design process. This begins with hand-drawn concepts, encapsulating everything we’ve discussed and learned about you and how you’ll use your new home. This phase is, above all else, one of collaboration. You’ll receive a finalised concept drawing before moving onto the next stage.

Phase 3: Planning, Tender, Drawings

Gaining a council-approved planning or building permit is a necessary but difficult process. SawMill Designs assists homeowners in the document preparation. We liaise with the relevant council departments and complete the final submission of your plans. In the wider building timeframe, this is when you’ll engage with your chosen builder or interior designer. Having a custom set of drawings to provide allows your contractors to quote accurately, whilst minimising miscommunication in this crucial stage.

Geelong Home Designer

Building your custom designed dream home doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. SawMill Designs drafting services provides Geelong residents with expert consultation, guidance and beautifully unique home designs. Read about our process or get in touch to discuss your ideas with your local, trusted Geelong home designer.


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