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Designing Custom Homes in Geelong's Up-and-Coming Neighbourhoods

Geelong's up-and-coming neighbourhoods offer an exciting opportunity for those seeking to design a luxury custom home. With the expertise of Sam Miller, a leading building designer in Geelong, SawMill Designs covers Geelong’s hot spots and the process of creating exceptional custom home designs that perfectly blend with the charm and character of these emerging areas.

Mount Duneed

Nestled between the Surf Coast and Geelong, Mount Duneed is a rapidly developing neighbourhood attracting those looking for a suburban lifestyle. With handy proximity to stunning beaches, designing a luxury custom home in Mount Duneed allows homeowners to embrace nature while enjoying modern conveniences. Mount Duneed land is currently selling, with various block sizes available to accommodate everyone from singles to larger families.

Hamlyn Heights

Hamlyn Heights, a thriving suburb of Geelong, presents a combination of established charm and huge future growth. With its proximity to the city centre and a range of shops, cafes and schools, designing a luxury custom home in Hamlyn Heights offers the best of both worlds. SawMill Designs understands the neighbourhood's unique character and can create home designs that complement the existing architectural style while incorporating modern elements for your family. From contemporary facades to functional layouts, we can bring your custom renovation or build to life in Hamlyn Heights.

North Geelong

North Geelong is an emerging hub, undergoing revitalization and attracting a diverse community. Designing a custom home in this vibrant neighbourhood provides an opportunity to contribute to its current transformation. SawMill Designs can help homeowners create modern and sustainable homes that reflect the dynamic energy of North Geelong. From eco-friendly features to flexible living spaces that adapt to changing needs, SawMill Designs can design homes that are both stylish and functional.

Geelong's up-and-coming neighbourhoods offer exciting possibilities for designing luxury custom homes that perfectly suit individual preferences and lifestyle needs. With SawMill Designs as your trusted partner, you can navigate the design process with confidence and create a unique residence that embraces the essence of Mount Duneed's natural beauty, Hamlyn Heights' established charm or North Geelong's emerging vibrancy. To discuss your custom home plans with an experienced building designer, contact us online today.


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