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Designing a Custom Home for Your Retirement in Geelong

Designing a home to suit the needs of retired or elderly requires careful planning to ensure that your home meets your needs both now and into the future. As we age, our housing needs can change, and it's important to consider this when designing a home that will provide comfort and security into our older years. Here, SawMill Designs’ custom building designers explore some of the key factors to consider when designing a home for retirement, from accessibility and energy efficiency, to storage space and future needs. Whether you're already retired or planning to in the future, this guide will provide valuable insights to help you design a home that will support your lifestyle and needs in your later years.

Custom home


Incorporating accessibility into custom home designs is crucial when designing a home for ageing adults or for retirement. Wider doorways and hallways that can accommodate mobility aids, such as walkers and wheelchairs, should be considered by your custom building designer to ensure your home is suitable for years to come. Additionally, it's essential to design a home with slip-resistant flooring and to incorporate handrails in bathrooms and other areas where they are needed. Lighting should be bright and well-distributed throughout the home to help ageing adults see more clearly. By incorporating these accessibility features into your custom home design, you can create a home that will be safe and comfortable for ageing adults and suitable for retirement.

Single Story Living

As we age, mobility can become more challenging, and navigating stairs can become difficult or even dangerous. A single story home eliminates this potential hazard and makes it easier to move around the house, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. Additionally, a single story home typically has the wider doorways and hallways we mentioned earlier, making it easier to navigate with mobility aids. Working with you, SawMill Designs can design a custom home with a single story layout that will provide safety, comfort and convenience for ageing adults and retirees.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important consideration when designing a custom home for retirement or elderly people. Energy costs can be a significant expense in retirement, and it's essential to design a home that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly well into the future. Some features to consider include efficient heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient windows and doors and insulation that meets the highest standards.

To discuss how we can help design the retirement home of your dreams, contact SawMill Designs online or call us on 0408 388 385 for a consultation with Sam Miller, our building designer in Geelong.


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