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Choosing the Right Building Designer in Geelong

When choosing a building designer to tackle your custom designed home, you may feel unsure where to start. This is an important decision, one that can determine everything from how smooth the process will be, to what your new home will look like and how it will function. Here, SawMill Designs outlines a few key questions to ask yourself and any Geelong home designer you’re thinking of hiring.

Think About the Style of Home You Like

Similar to artists, chefs or interior designers, building designers tend to lean towards one style of work. Before your initial meeting with any building designer, it’s a good idea to take a look at their past projects or gallery. Do their previous custom designed homes align with your vision? This is the first sign that a building designer may be a great choice for your custom designed home.

SawMill Designs produces custom homes Geelong residents love, focusing on light-filled, open plan spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Meeting the client’s needs, and ensuring their future home is designed perfectly for their life, is what drives Sam Miller as a building designer.

Do You Have an Authentic Relationship With Your Building Designer?

Are you comfortable asking questions? Do you feel heard by your building designer? Designing your new home, or renovating your current home, is a personal exploration of your family life, your likes and dislikes. There are countless decisions to make, and you need to minimise the potential for miscommunication. Having a building designer you trust can make this process an easier one. SawMill Designs puts time and effort into each and every client; building relationships that they can convey in the design of the home.

What is Their Experience?

Like any industry, there are various areas a building designer can specialise in. Finding one that has relevant experience, and can translate this into creating your dream home, is extremely important and often a key indicator of how your journey will progress. Sam’s 17 years in the building industry becomes evident immediately, and you’ll notice throughout the building design process that the practicality and use of your dream home is a key component of his work.

Custom Designed Homes

If you’re ready to take the next step towards building a gorgeous custom home in Geelong, contact SawMill Designs online or call us on 0408 388 385 to discuss your custom home ideas.


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