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Buying vs. Building in Geelong: Which is Right for You?

You’ve decided to make a move towards your dream home in Geelong. How exciting! Now you’ll need to decide if you’ll buy an established home or begin designing and building a custom home. Here, SawMill Designs covers the reasons you might consider either. Contact us to learn more about your options.

Building Custom Houses

A great reason to consider designing your dream home is to take full advantage of your block. Your block may be sloped, have excellent views or may be big enough to allow for a pool. Custom houses make use of every inch of your block and a talented building designer can customise your home design to best suit your land.

Modern family life changes from one family to another. More of us than ever are working from home and many established homes simply weren’t built to allow for this. More people are now designing custom houses to include a functional office space, a great idea if you see yourself working from home into the future.

Multigenerational homes are commonplace in many cultures and customising your home for this is a great option if you see this happening in your future. A custom building designer can ensure your home has ample living space, a functional kitchen or even a self-contained area for relatives staying long-term.

When imagining your dream home, it’s not uncommon to think you simply won’t find what you’re looking for in an established home. The way we live has drastically changed and continues to do so. Established homes, whilst having their benefits, often don’t have the features, room size or layout many Australians covet.

Buying an Established Home

We understand that buying your dream home is no easy feat. Often, it takes many months of planning, researching and eventually completing the sale and moving in. There are a few good reasons you should consider buying a home.

The first reason is a tight timeframe for moving house. While purchasing a home can take a while, most of the factors affecting the timeframe are within your control.

Location may be another deciding factor. If you have a specific location in mind, buying an established home might be your only option. This is especially true in centrally located suburbs where new builds aren’t an option, demand is high or block prices are at a premium.

Custom Renovations Geelong

A custom renovation may be the happy medium you’re looking for. With this option, you’ll reap the benefits of purchasing an existing home and you can begin a custom renovation once you move in. SawMill Designs has been providing custom renovations Geelong residents can enjoy into the future.

To get to know our process and how SawMill Designs can assist you, contact us online or call us on 0408 388 385.


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